Friday, March 30, 2007

American Job

This is the first film from the director of American Movie and Home Movies, Chris Smith. Before Mark Borchardt, there was Randy Scott, and while he may resemble Mark Borchardt in appearance, Randy Scott's personality traits are near opposite. Randy is very soft spoken, and seemingly naive. But there is a deep, hidden rebellious side to him, that may or may not be brought out in this film. The camera trails Randy as he attempts different minimum wage jobs. From the fast food to warehouses, American Job covers just about every style of work you have ever heard any one complain about. This is definitely a premeditatedly slow paced movie, dragging you into the grinding reality that is the American workplace. Download a clip of American Job here. And if you still have a VCR or know someone who does, you can purchase the VHS Tape of this movie here.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Brooklyn native Andrew Thompson looks like a cross between Sally Jessie Raphael and take your pick of the Beastie Boys. And he sounds like a cross between Peter Gabriel and Har Mar Superstar, definitely not someone you can nail down to one genre, let alone five. Label mate to hip hop's Edan, Andrew Thompson pulls his own weight in more ways than one. A jazz singing competition winner that does not take himself too seriously makes for some enjoyable listening, along with creative and quirky videos, he definitely stands out from the crowd.

Check out the Go Bananas video.

And download the free Coast is Clear.mp3

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