Monday, May 28, 2007

Some Assembly Required

Expiremental mash ups, sound collage, turntablism and more. Based out of Minneapolis MN, and featured on radio stations all over Canada and the US, Jon Nelson's weekly radio show Some Assembly Required features bands like Evolution Control Committee, Splatt and more. Here is one of the more recent show's playlist:

01 Mr. Dibbs - "Outreach 5"

02 Orchid Spangiafora - "The persistence of F.M."

03 Cheekyboys - "Get Back Sledgehammer"

04 Avalanches - "Tonight"

05 Forty One - "Hip Hip Hop"

06 DJ Zebra - "Upside down tonight"

07 Wobbly - "Anger"

08 The Tape-beatles - "Desire"

09 DJ Marvel - "Turntable Menace"

10 Lecture On Nothing - "The Custom Apocalypse"

11 Pop Chop - "Wonder Fill"

12 Wax Audio - "Unparalleled Danger"

13 Jeffrey Sconce - "Goofy And The Feds"

14 Steinski - "Collage #9"

15 Activist Queer Folk - "Mixed Messages"

16 Go Home Productions - "Notorious Trick"

Download the podcast here:

And visit Jon Nelson's label Recombinations to order Nelson's own creation, Escape Mechanism. Along with Lecture on Nothing, an album by a former 2 Live Crew producer.

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