Sunday, January 20, 2008

Monday, May 28, 2007

Robot Love

You've seen the sticker, now go to the store. Robot Love, located on 27th and Lyndale in Uptown MPLS features designer toys, clothes, mags and more. Keep up to date with Robot Love events and join thier mailing list to find out about artists signings and featured shows.


June 6th, at The Foundation in Minneapolis. DJ's will battle it out for thier chance to become the 2007 DMC champion. A title held by many in the past including Roc Raida, DJ Craze, the Scratch Perverts and more. To see video from past events, go to:

Some Assembly Required

Expiremental mash ups, sound collage, turntablism and more. Based out of Minneapolis MN, and featured on radio stations all over Canada and the US, Jon Nelson's weekly radio show Some Assembly Required features bands like Evolution Control Committee, Splatt and more. Here is one of the more recent show's playlist:

01 Mr. Dibbs - "Outreach 5"

02 Orchid Spangiafora - "The persistence of F.M."

03 Cheekyboys - "Get Back Sledgehammer"

04 Avalanches - "Tonight"

05 Forty One - "Hip Hip Hop"

06 DJ Zebra - "Upside down tonight"

07 Wobbly - "Anger"

08 The Tape-beatles - "Desire"

09 DJ Marvel - "Turntable Menace"

10 Lecture On Nothing - "The Custom Apocalypse"

11 Pop Chop - "Wonder Fill"

12 Wax Audio - "Unparalleled Danger"

13 Jeffrey Sconce - "Goofy And The Feds"

14 Steinski - "Collage #9"

15 Activist Queer Folk - "Mixed Messages"

16 Go Home Productions - "Notorious Trick"

Download the podcast here:

And visit Jon Nelson's label Recombinations to order Nelson's own creation, Escape Mechanism. Along with Lecture on Nothing, an album by a former 2 Live Crew producer.

l'etoile magazine

Check out this MN based art magazine, featuring local artist from Minnesota, along with artists from around the world. Fashion, photography, music... its all there. The current issue features: Two Bit Bling, Cut Chemist, Chuck U and much more.

And locals make sure to check out thier blog to find out out about weekly events.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No Hit Wonder: KC Flightt

Once a month or so the staff at The Medium raid the bargain bins at our local record stores. Our goal is to find music from the past that never broke through to the main stream, or even the underground, or anything at all. Some of these albums will be newly discovered gems, and some will be exactly what you would expect from the bargain bin... Like our first Review: KC Flightt's In Flightt. The artwork of the album says it all, "Check out those Nikes!" with a high top fade to match. The albums first track reveals to us that Diddy was not the first rap "artist" to take a famous song and chorus from the past and pretty much use it in it's entirety with out much change. Luckily for most, it didn't work as well for KC, so you never heard his "remix" of the Talking Head's Once in a Lifetime. And you aren't going to hear it now either, if you really feel the need, you will have to go drop .95 cents at your own record shop. You can however, listen to the party anthem of the album, Bassline. My favorite thing about this song is the way he trys to get you pumped up politely and then drops the weakest xylophone beat you could possibly imagine. Other tracks on the album are hard not to laugh at, while other show glimpses of maturity that make we wonder if KC Flightt went on to become a Jazz musician. Stay tuned for more No Hit Wonders in the future, and if you have an album you think is a no hit wonder, send an email to

Monday, April 9, 2007

Ducky Waddle's

The best little art house in California. A great stop on the Pacific Coast highway in Encinitas, Ducky Waddle's has a little bit of everything. You will have to get past the owner's obsession with Shepard Fairey first, but once you have done that, you can enjoy sifting through shelves of art books, action figures, posters, prints, coasters, lunch boxes. You can find Crumb collectibles next to the Enid doll from Ghost World, next to the Cunt Coloring book. If you are ever in the area, stop in. And make sure to stop at Lou's Records while you are there.